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NCLB should be banned or not

hi, debate :DTongue out


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We Should ban it because Good not failing students will leave under NCLB. No Child Left Behind is intended to provide resources to students that are "failing" to leave and be transported to other schools, where they may be more successful. Yet, the "succeeding" children in these "failing" schools are actually the ones utilizing the funding to go to other schools, making this a mis-allocation and use of funding.

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No Child Left Behind puts a special emphasis on implementing educational programs and practices that have been clearly demonstrated to be effective through rigorous scientific research. Federal funding is now targeted to support such programs.

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Also, Schools that are crumbling under the wicked rule of the NCLB oragization wont except failing students or special ed students. If they do, they will be forever pulverized by the NCLB. Imagine your child not getting into a school just because of the NCLB? Horrific!

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It also costs the Federal Government thousands of dollars of our tax money to keep it going. So your hard earned money is going to that retarded little organization. That is so retarded.

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The NCLB also encourages States to set low standereds so that the NCLB wont crush them under their heel. Or, heels, anyway.

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No Child Left Behind gives school districts more money. In fact, President Bush and Congress are spending more money than ever before on the education of America's children.

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Dr.Pimples27(16) Disputed
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And How do you know that? Do you have a statistic? I only listen to statictics.

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